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Server Info
Client 10 - 12
Online 24/7
Global save 9:30 (PL time)
World type PVP (Protection level: 30)

Exp Rate Exp Stage based
Magic Level x15
Skills x25
Loot x3
Spawn x1
Houses 250 level
Guilds 25 level (Create via website)

Bonus rates based on online players (not counting x-logged)
100 EXP +5%, Loot +10%
200 EXP +7%, Loot +20%
250 EXP +10%, Loot +30%
300 EXP +15%, Loot +40%
450 EXP +20%, Loot +50%
500+ EXP +30%, Loot +60%

Bonus rates based on days
The Monday Double Spawn x2 Spawn
The Tuesday Skills +50% Skill
The Wednesday Loot +50% Loot
The Thursday Double Counter x2 Counter of tasks and bestiary
From Friday to Sunday +50% Exp

Frags & Skull system
PZ Lock 1 min
White Skull Time 15 min


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