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Autoloot Segregation

We have installed goods sorting for the selected department. It will be up to you to add an item to the autoloot and the system will select an appropriate backpack for it

!autoloot add, gold coin
!autoloot demon

Segregation is done automatically with pages. No need to buy backpacks for space

Additionally, the bag can be closed and items will be loaded there anyway

Free activation: !buy segregation

or with new backpacks

!buy new segregation

You have to remove old segregation by saying: !remove segregation


We have the ability to switch lists with items

If we jump from different hunts, it is without having to rewrite it

The maximum number for one list is 40 items. And the maximum number of lists is 5

!autoloot show


We can additionally equip a shorter version of 4-backpacks

!buy short segregation


New backpacks is here:

!buy new segregation


A shorter version with 4 backpacks

!buy new short segregation


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