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Random Boss Arena is an arena with random bosses for different levels:

Bronze Boss Arena (very simple) - reward 1 loyalty point. Requires 50 extra points to enter
Silver Boss Arena (normal) - reward 5 loyalty points. Requires 250 extra points to enter
Gold Boss Arena (very hard) - reward 10 loyalty points. Requires 500 extra points to enter

Tasks - we receive are three different monsters to kill in the right order
The first 4 tasks are about killing monsters. The next 5th task is to kill five mini-bosses on the arena boss one floor below
The reward for this task will be a new container for 32 items and 5 mini boss statues. For the next 6th task we will receive a Bounac outfit

Extra Points - We get by completing tasks at Jack Crystal. Each task for three different monsters gives us 150 extra points. You can also get extra points for the tasks of killing players with a green skull

With 1000 extra points we can exchange items from the Eldritch series at npc Jack Crystal and start Eldritch Quest
For 1500 extra points you can reset re-entry to any boss
For 2500 extra points you can reset the re-purchase of Exp Boosts from the store if you have reached your limit

To check the status of the ticks, write: hi / status
To check the status of points, we write: hi / extra points
To enter the arena, write: hi / random boss arena / yes

We get a one-time ticket to the arena. You can invite 15 people to fight. In case of death, the players lose nothing


Bronze Arena


Silver Arena


Gold Arena


Top 50 players ranking:

RankOutfitNameExtra Points

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