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Words Description
!autoloot Add an item to autoloot. (!autoloot add, mace), (!autoloot remove, mace), (!autoloot show)
!autotransfer on/off To automatically transfer money to the bank after selling loot to npc
!bestiary Check the status of kills in bestiary and the status of Charm Points (example: !bestiary monk)
!bless Buy all blessings
!bless on/off Set automatic buying of blessings upon death
!bonus Check exp bonus time from exp card and gold token
!boost Check exp boost time from store
!boss Check available bosses for your character
!buy npc Make an animated friend to your house (npc with potions once a day). First payment 250 tc. Next purchase for free
!buy new segregation To purchase automatic loot segregation. (!buy new segregation, !buy short segregation, !buy new short segregation)
!!buy Buy an item from the store quickly and safely (!!buy gold token)
!charm To check the unlock status of Boss Charm
!checkloot mace To check which monsters drop a given item and how many chances there are to get it
!custom bestiary To set Charm on any custom monster
!deposit tc For easier trading (!deposit 100 tibia coins)
!exiva on/off Turn on notification when someone searches for you. Cost 150 tc
!event To see what needs to be done to receive a bonus 150 charm points
!frags To check frags
!leavehouse To leave the house immediately (items will go to the depot)
!loyalty Check the number of loyalty points
!lootinfo on/off Disable loot info from the center of the screen
!ticket To buy a Lottery Ticket for 150k
!npc remove Delete npc from your house
!new spell To set new spells from level 500
!prey custom on/off To unlock the Prey for custom mobs only
!ranking Check the ranks and bonuses for loyalty points
!remove segregation To remove auto segregation (you will lose all content)
!rewards Check the list of rewards from custom tasks
!sellhouse To sell the house to the person standing in front of the house door (!sellhouse nick)
!shared Party calculator
!spells Look at your spells
!skulls General information on the use of skulls
!stats To check the time until the next use of new potions. And miscellaneous
!task Check your Grizzly Adams task list from anywhere on the map
!vip Check Vip days
!vial on/off Unlock the generation of vials for using potions
!warmode To start a warmode with another guild
!withdraw For easier trading with tc (!withdraw 23)
!webstore Buy an item from the store quickly and safely
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