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 10134Vip medal 14 days
You see a silver VIP medal for 14 days. It weighs 12.20 oz. Access to the VIP spawns and NPC in one place.
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 10133Vip medal 30 days
You see a gold VIP medal for 30 days. It weighs 12.40 oz. Access to the VIP spawns and NPC in one place.
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 10135Vip medal 7 days
You see a bronze medal for 7 days. It weighs 12.00 oz. Access to the VIP spawns and NPC in one place.
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 2537750 Gold Tokens
You see 50 gold tokens. They weigh 100.00 oz. You can use one for 24 hours and add 10% more bonus exp.
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 216050 Crystal Coins
You see 50 crystal coins. They weigh 5.00 oz.
150Login to buy
 2160100 Crystal Coins
You see 100 crystal coins. They weigh 10.00 oz.
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 1842310 Major crystalline tokens
You see 10 major crystalline tokens. They weigh 35.00 oz. Change for Gill or Prismatic set.
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 18423100 Major Crystalline Tokens
You see 100 major crystalline tokens. They weigh 350.00 oz. Change for Gill or Prismatic set.
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 2798100 Blood Herbs
You see 100 blood herbs. They weigh 120.00 oz.
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 2361Frozen Starlight
You see a frozen starlight. It weighs 0.20 oz.
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 10309Claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'
You see a claw of 'The Noxious Spawn'. It weighs 5.00 oz. Its power is depleted at the moment.
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 2365Backpack of holding
You see a backpack of holding (Vol:24). Imbuements: (Empty Slot). It weighs 15.00 oz.
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 2151100 Talons
You see 100 talons. They weigh 20.00 oz. There are many rumours about these magic gems.
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 20620Zaoan Chess Box
You see a Zaoan chess box (Vol:32). It weighs 38.00 oz. This chess box is made of jade and obsidian. It will hold a full set of 32 Zaoan chess figures.
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 8304100 Eternal Flamess
You see 100 eternal flamess. They weigh 250.00 oz.
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 2678100 Coconuts
You see 100 coconuts. They weigh 480.00 oz.
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 35147Addons for outfit
You can choose addons for your outfit.
600Login to buy
 25172100 Silver Tokens
You see 100 silver tokens. They weigh 20.00 oz.
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