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Exaltation Forge

These are new update systems based on four types:

Onslaught - additional +60% fatal damage
Dodge - damage reduction by 100%
Momentum - halving the cooldown of spells
Augments - extra critical damage

From now on, each upgrade only requires an Exalted Core
(the number of items is appropriate for each level - Tier 5 means you need 5 Exalted Core, etc.)
The upgrade fee will be automatically debited from your bank

The maximum upgrade tier is +15
DustsBox - we get dusts when we kill the monsters that stand out on respawns. These are mobs with a blue color
SliversBox - we can make slivers from 100 dusts or custom spawns Dragon Elite
Exalted CoreBox - we produce from our 100 slivers or custom boss Destruction


After killing special monsters, you will receive a message how many dusts you have collected:

You have collected a 7 dusts. Status: 7 dusts

They can be obtained from monsters with a blue emblem and several monsters with a blue color:


Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

Players Online