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6.1.2021 -
Author: GM Kimus

Starting this month, everyone will be able to upgrade monsters themselves on hunt.

Each upgrade increases loot, exp, hp, dmg by x2. Available monsters: Demon, Demon Outcast, Destroyer, Juggernaut.

Items required: 

Additionally, the system for forging in the forge a one-of-a-kind token is slowly ready.

The Iron Tokenis needed to revive the strongest boss.

Items required: 

15.11.2020 -
Author: GM Kimus
  1. Anty kick/push with traning dummy: to make your life easier - in the dp vip give the game exit. Will be training all the time (masterful = 8h)
  2. Turned off kick after 15 minutes on trainers: now you can safely go to the shop or school. Your character will still skill when you return
  3. The loyality system: is almost ready. Let's collect points and awards to show how far we've come
  4. Falcon item quest: Is amazing. You will be able to choose one of the falcon items
  5. Stamina regeneration vip dp: From now on everyone will regenerate stamina in the whole depo vip area and get regen of 30 hp / mana every 2 minutes
  6. Potions: For Knights and for Paladins 
  7. Spells: For Druids - "Exura Gran Sio", for Sorcerers - "Exevo Gran Flam Hur", also for Knights: "Exeta res" gained an additional 3x3 width

11.11.2020 -
The Lightbearer event is here!
Author: GM Kimus

Today we're starting the most fascinating event in tibia.

Good luck!

The server will have a loot rate x4 for the duration of the event.


8.11.2020 -
Author: GM Kimus
  • Time of usage exp token now the exp token is for 1h bonus 10% exp
  • Added function - loot chance: lion ring have basic 5% and upgradeable in the forge up to 15%. We need a 100kk and Lion Hammer.
  • Hp and mana regeneration (+35HP/+45MP):   
  • Change shot type and resistance: useon   
  • Hide the TOP: Characters that do not log in for more than 1 week will be automatically hidden from the top 5 players. And characters that don't log in for more than 1 month will be hidden from highscores for better transparency

31.10.2020 -
Upcoming update
Author: GM Kimus

Work on loyalty points is underway.

Points and rank can be earned by completing service tasks for players over the number of 7. For check status: !loyality. Players with a certain number of loyalty points will receive a secret stage bonuses, according to the table:

Rank Points Bonus
Scout 10 3%
Sentinel 20 5%
Steward 40 7%
Warden 80 10%
Squire 120 15%
Warrior 180 20%
Keeper 250 25%
Guardian 320 30%
Sage 400 35%
Tutor 500 40%
Senior Tutor 650 45%
King 800 50%

30.10.2020 -
Author: GM Kimus

Three long-awaited events start tomorrow 31/10/20!

16:00 - We start with a Cake Event  with an Orcsoberfest Garb  outfit and meals up for grabs.

17:00 - Then we're all going to kill the Mutated Pumpkin  boss, in which the Pumpkin Mummy   outfit is up for grabs.

19:00 - High-level players to restart for rewards will be able to do with the command "!reborn"

Good luck!

30.10.2020 -
Author: GM Kimus

1. Swap the Bag You Desire : every item in the soul series at npc Jack Springer:


2. Available masterful exercise weapons: 14000 charges. And training will now give shielding

28.10.2020 -
Author: GM Kimus


  1. Npc Soleum: sells tp scroll for 70k. In temple there is the inscription "town portal" for the possibility of returning to the place of evacuation
  2. Time removed from items: Enchanted Sleep Shawl, Enchanted Pendulet
  3.  VIP town: with respawn shortcuts available from Thais depo. Use a mirror

22.10.2020 -
Author: GM Kimus

A new stage is coming for forgotten exceptional players who have lost content.

Completing the quest from level 1000 starting the adventure again with new items.

We invite you to something completely different. All you need is to enter the command: !reborn. The character will be reset to level 8, but all skills and mlvl will be kept.

You will receive:

  1.  10.000 Tibia Coins
  2.  Distinction on the site
  3.  A bag with infinite items
  4.  Infinite VIP, 1000 cap.
  5.  Jouster outfit (base). Addons for 10 cursed golds.

Rewards available (infinite):

  • diamond arrow
  • sudden death rune
  • great holyball rune [new]
  • avalanche rune
  • blue crystal upgrade - one use every 24 hours (chance - 80%).

The duration of the rewards is 24h - charging time available in Thais.

The event will start on 31/10/2020. We encourage you to download the client v10 again with the new patch.

Coins may be useful to other players. Remember that.

See you soon. NS team.

20.10.2020 -
Author: GM Kimus

1. Today we added two lost items to the lion quest

2. Grave Danger bosses available to all without missions


  The possibility of increasing the time of the rings/amulets/boots to a maximum of 1 day.  

18.10.2020 -
Author: GM Kimus
  1. The Revenant outfit  two-part quest is now available. Spoiler check on the forum
  2. Mount spectral horse   is now available for purchase for 50 cursed golds  
  3.  We have a unique quest for top players. Will be available at the date - 31/10/20 
  4. Patch update to client v10. You need to download new v10
  5. The Thieves Guild reward updated   

15.10.2020 -
Author: GM Kimus

1. Commands:

!task - we can check the status easily and conveniently

!bonus - will now show the duration

!shared - will show the required level

!!buy <name item> - faster buying items from web

!send money, name, value - send money to your friend

2. Cash -The money from the sale of the loot will now go safely to the bank

3. Tibia version 12 - Using client version 12 gives you 20% more bonus exp

2.10.2020 -
News / Updates
Author: GM Kimus


  1. Faster drop and clean reward chest: now removing objects is no longer so bothersome
  2. Global bosses: We can respawn boss yourself for everyone
  3. Daily reward all time: we will not lose the reward when you are late with the pickup
  4. Shop in game with new house decorations: all for 30 Tibia coins.
  5. Hunting Tasks: Falcon Outfit full - his look requires you to kill 5000 falcon knights / paladins
  6. The new Daily lvl reward is now available in temple thais on angel statue 
  • below 50 lvl
  • 70 lvl - exp bonus for 1h
  • 100 lvl - vip 2 days
  • 150 lvl - regen stamina 100%
  • 200 lvl - 1 skill up (ek/rp) / collar of plasma + ring (ed/ms)

20.5.2020 -
Its time to log in!
Author: GM Kimus


Welcome to the Global server Next-stage RL map built by a team of the best map makers and programmers. We invite you to test the game's plot. Everyone will find their way to the best!                         

Only the best will gain experience quickly 

Others will feel the taste of peaceful aventure on the game 

Prove to others that you are the strength to be reckoned with.

Stay an exceptional player.  

And have fun!


Server informations:

Free entry to bosses Summer Winter Update 2019-2020 
Stamina regeneration in depo
Depo training dummy (+shielding)
Bestiary Charms / Prey
Wiki Next-Stage
Thais Bosses
Autoloot / Auto Bless System
Imbu npc
Free entry to Falcon Bastion / Cobra Bastion / Lion hunts
Mounts for start
Weekend bonus EXP 50%
Exp stages: 1-99 lvl - x100  |  100-139 lvl - x70  |  160-299 lvl - x50  |  300-359 lvl - x10 500- x1

20.5.2020 -
About basic matters where you can stand out
Author: GM Kimus


Exp boost when more players online. Get more exp gain rate to your guild. 

  • Free 500 Tibia Coins for playing first week
  • Free 1.000 Tibia Coins for playing first month
  • Mounts for start: 
  • Training with masterful exercise items 

  For 10 major tokens  items: Gill:  Prismatic:    

  For 50 gold tokens              

 For 100 silver tokens     also for 2 tokens:    

 Dont forget the summons spell

  • Knight - Skullfrost "utevo gran res eq"  
  • Paladin - Emberwing "utevo gran res sac"  
  • Sorcerer - Thundergiant "utevo gran res ven"  
  • Druid - Grovebeast "utevo gran res dru"  



 Buried Cathedral    

 Falcon Bastion    

 Cobra Bastion:     

 Lion Bastion:    

 Goshnar's Bosses:    

 Secret Library:    

20.5.2020 -
Special Exiva for power game players with vip time
Author: GM Kimus
The new meaning of the "exiva" spell, every favorite of peaceful hunting will be safe when someone looks for us. when we have VIP time, the adventurer nick will appear.


Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

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