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11.10.2021 -
Author: GM Kimus
  • [11.10.21] Custom Boss Arena - is now ready at the Jack Crystal npc. Write passage / yes - to get across. Rewards for completing the arena are Loyalty Points
  • [18.10.21] Multiple Power Shot - with "utito gran" for the paladins with bolts. For 15 seconds. Cost is 20 Soul Points
  • [19.10.21] Regeneration - by food on Protection Zone
  • [23.10.21] Fixed bestiary charms and added 10 new custom mounts
  • [25.10.21] Bestiary Betterment  - has been added to the store offer
  • [26.10.21] Random Tasks - random tasks from Jack Crystal above the 6th task with rewards custom mounts
  • [27.10.21] Skulls Kills - new ranking on the web. Check out the Community / Skulls Kills
  • [27.10.21] New games - new sliding crate game with 10 boards now available in the game. Check out the Library / Mini Game "Crates"
  • [03.11.21] New rewards - for reaching level 500 and above
  • [04.11.21] Elite Quest - is now ready
  • [05.11.21] Lottery - take part in the lottery and win prizes
  • [06.11.21] Billionaire - dice version v2
  • [06.11.21] New command - to automatically transfer money to the bank after selling loot to npc !autotransfer on/off
  • [07.11.21] New Bosses Charm
  • [08.11.21] Bonus for wearing an outfit - 2 addons for outfits (10% more hp/mp, skills +3)
  • [22.11.21] Auto loot v3.0 - five lists with items to assign. The ability to replace the list with a specific hunt
  • [24.11.21] Prey for custom spawns:

Upcoming updates:

  • New 7 spawns
  • New currency "Emerald Coin" (1 emerald coin = 1kk) 


29.9.2021 -
Author: GM Kimus
  • Strike enhancement  - increases critical hit chance by 15% for 30 minutes
  • Jack Crystal - we can receive new tasks, swap Eldritch items and buy arena enrties in Vip City above djins
  • Extra Points - lets you reset cooldown of exp boosts from the store and bosses
  • Players Tasks  - find out in World Chat about the contract to kill a given character and get Extra Points
  • Eldritch Quest - We can enter it inside west of the forge. Needed 1000 Extra Points from tasks to enter

26.8.2021 -
Today we added some minor extras
Author: GM Kimus
  • Possibility of regaining lost experience during death with the command: !return exp (cost = lvl / 2).


  • From now on, for a better dmg match, the life of monsters will be visible.


  • An additional loyalty bonus will be visible from now on. "You gained 8435 experience points (+3% loyalty bonus)."



24.7.2021 -
Summer Update 2021 is here!
Author: GM Kimus

Summer Update 2021 with new Next-Stage Warzones 7-9 maps


To upgrade the Gilded Eldritch Claymore  : use the  from  on  

27.5.2021 -
Author: GM Kimus

Winter Update 2020 with Rascacoon map


A new weapon modifier now available in all items upgraded with diamonds. We will now deal 3 damage to monsters in range



  • added mana kegs  to npcs so that any player with enough money can afford mana keg

8.4.2021 -
Auto loot segregation 2.0


We have installed goods sorting for the selected department.

It will be up to you to add an item to the autoloot and the system will select an appropriate backpack for it.

!autoloot add, gold coin

Segregation is done automatically with pages. No need to buy backpacks for space.

Additionally, the bag can be closed and items will be loaded there anyway.

Free activation: !buy segregation

13.3.2021 -
Loyalty system 2.0

We get points and rank for the number of VIP days.

For check status: !loyalty. Players with a certain number of loyalty points will receive multiplier a few percent up skills / mlvl and custom bonuses.

Check in game: !ranking.

Rank Points Bonus
Scout - -
Sentinel 40 10%
Steward 80 11%
Warden 120 12%
Squire 180 13%
Warrior 250 15%
Keeper 320 16%
Guardian 400 18%
Sage 500 19%
Savant 650 20%
Enlightened 800 23%
King 1000 25%

15.11.2020 -
  • Discoverer outfit - Can be obtained by unlocking city waypoints
  • Stamina regeneration on PZ - From now on, everyone will fully regenerate stamina (3 types)
  • Anty kick with traning dummy - To make your life easier - in the dp vip give the game exit. Will be training all the time (masterful exercise  = 8 hours training. And will now give shielding)
  • Turned off kick after 15 minutes on trainers - Now you can safely go to the shop or school. Your character will still training when you return
  • Hp and mana regeneration (+35HP/+45MP):   
  • Change shot type and resistance: useon    
  • Selling loot - The money will now go safely to the your bank

  • Client version 12 - Using client version 12 gives you 20% more bonus exp


30.10.2020 -

As some may have noticed the map is RL with Vip city addition. Among other things, there are shortcuts for respawns and all djinas in one place

Summer Update 2020

Soul War Quest, new addons, mounts and above all items added. We invite you to get hold of!

Final Library quest is now available

Additionally a few custom quests


Addon Doll


Mount Box


Music Box



Vip Medal


Vip Boots


Lion Quest




Falcon Quest


Mission "Glacier"


Cobra Quest



Shop House 2.0.

For today we install litte thing - easier house items shopping. Just use the item.

Welcome! We have put in a Winter and Summer Update 2019 with new bosses for you. Have a nice adventure!

22.10.2020 -

A new stage is coming for forgotten exceptional players who have lost content.

Completing the quest from level 1000 starting the adventure again with new items.

We invite you to something completely different. All you need is to enter the command: !reborn. The character will be reset to level 8, but all skills and mlvl will be kept.

You will receive:

  1.  10.000 Tibia Coins
  2.  100 Loyalty Points
  3.  Distinction on the site
  4.  Jouster outfit (base)
  5.  A bag with infinite items:
  • diamond arrow
  • sudden death rune
  • great holyball rune [new]
  • avalanche rune
  • blue memory shard

Coins may be useful to other players. Remember that.

See you soon. NS team.

2.10.2020 -
News / Updates


  1. Faster drop and clean reward chest: now removing objects is no longer so bothersome
  2. Time doubler: The possibility of increasing the time of the rings/amulets/boots to a maximum of 1 day. Cost for 1x time doubler is 2 cc
  3. The new Daily lvl reward is now available in temple thais on angel statue 
  • 70 lvl - bonus exp 10% for 1h
  • 100 lvl - bonus exp 10% for 2h
  • 150 lvl - regen stamina 100%
  • 200 lvl - 1 skill up (ek/rp) / collar of plasma + ring (ed/ms)

20.5.2020 -
Its time to log in!


Welcome to the Global server Next-stage RL map with vip city built by a team of the best map makers and programmers. We invite you to test the game's plot. Everyone will find their way to the best!     

We started working on the server in 2019. So far we have accumulated many great memories. A heartfelt thank you to all loyal players and hope to see you compete again!

Only the best will gain experience quickly 

Others will feel the taste of peaceful aventure on the game 

Prove to others that you are the strength to be reckoned with.

Stay an exceptional player.  

And have fun!


Server informations:

Free entry to bosses
Stamina regeneration in PZ
Depo training dummy (+shielding)
Bestiary Charms / Prey
Wiki Next-Stage
Thais Bosses
Autoloot / Autobless System 2.0
Imbuement 2.0
Vip system 2.0
Shop with House items 2.0
Free entry to Falcon / Cobra / Lion Bastions
Tasks at Grizzly Adams 2.0
Mounts for start
Weekend bonus EXP 50%

Exp stages:

1-99lvl - 100x | 200-249lvl - 6x | 300-499 - 2x | 500- 1x

Skill rate: 25x

Magic rate: 15x

Loot: 3x


On our server each player can talk to the administrator, but must be patient while waiting for a reply in a private message. if that's not a problem, feel free to contact us

20.5.2020 -
About basic matters where you can stand out


Exp boost when more players online. Get more exp gain rate to your guild. 

  • Free 500 Tibia Coins for playing first week
  • Free 1.000 Tibia Coins for playing first month
  • Free Mounts for start
Where to get items
Items to change 10x  50x  100x 
Avaliable items         


Level Where to hunt          
50+ Asures

100+ Carnivors    
120+ Buried Cathedral
140+ Falcon Bastion    
150+ Cobra Bastion    
160+ Lion Bastion    
170+ Warzones 1-9
200+ Secret Library
250+ Soul War

 Don't forget the summons spells (only for promotion holders):

  • Elite Knight - "utevo gran res eq"   +  -> 
  • Royal Paladin - "utevo gran res sac"   +  -> 
  • Master Sorcerer - "utevo gran res ven"   +  -> 
  • Elder Druid - "utevo gran res dru"   +  -> 

20.5.2020 -
Special Exiva for power game players with vip time

The new meaning of the "exiva" spell, every favorite of peaceful hunting will be safe when someone searches for us. When we have VIP time, we will be notified. Activation costs 150 tc: !exiva on / off


Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

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