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20.9.2019 -
Its time to log in!
Author: GM Kimus


Welcome to the Global server Next-stage built by a team of the best map makers and programmers. We invite you to test the game's plot. Everyone will find their way to the best!                         

Only the best will gain experience quickly

Others will feel the taste of peaceful aventure on the game

Prove to others that you are the strength to be reckoned with.

Stay an exceptional player.  

And have fun!


Server informations:

Imbuement npc in temple
Prey System
Excercise items
Wiki Next-Stage
Asura Palace
Thais Bosses
Winter/Summer Update
Money for lvl up
The Dream Courts
Reward System
Time doubler in rings/amulets
Falcon Bastion
Cults of Tibia
Warzones: 1-6
Mount for start
Weekend bonus XP 50%
XP stages: 1-99 lvl - x120  |  100-139 lvl - x60  |  160-299 lvl - x15  |  300-359 lvl - x6  |  360-379 lvl - x5  |  380-499 lvl - x3  |  500+ lvl - x2


17.9.2019 -
About basic matters where you can stand out
Author: GM Kimus


XP boost when more players online. Get more XP gain rate to your guild. 

  • Make training with excercise items   
  • Mounts for start: 
  • Make a mount Flying book  with library ticket from bosses on server
  • Refil stamina system
  • Custom Vip spawns (50% more monsters and 3x faster spawn)
  • XP Boost 50% in store
  • Autoloot - !autoloot, add, demon shield

  We can choose weapons of destruction for 50 gold tokens :


 added Adventure's stone  (for teleport to npc Yana)

 Asura Mirror:       


  They NPC will exchange   for the following items:

  • Gill items:    
  • Prismatic items:        
  • Taming:  

 Buried Cathedral    

 Falcon Bastion     

Time doubler in game:

- Rings:

- Boots and amulets: 

  • 12:37 You see pair of soft boots that will expire in 23 hours and 59 minutes. It weighs 8.00 oz.
  • 12:38 You see a sword ring that will expire in 23 hours and 59 minutes. It weighs 0.90 oz.
  • 12:39 You see an enchanted pendulet (Arm:2, distance fighting +3, protection physical +5%, energy +18%) that will expire in 23 hours and 59 minutes. It weighs 6.50 oz. 

Make special items after done Son of Prietess challange:

- Add a second or powerfull immunity to the Ferumbras amulet:

  • 20:16 You see a Ferumbras' amulet (protection all) (Arm:3) that has 128 charges left. It weighs 5.00 oz.

Winterlight Solstice      

 Secret Library   

 Warzone 4, 5, 6       

New vip city with vip spawns:

A red up arrow indicates djins, npc with mana pots and backpacks,

Blue flag means npc Soleum with tp scrolls,

A green down arrow indicates Yasir on the map,

A green up arrow indicates Rashid on the map,

The orange star means teleportation with respawns:

  • Hero cave + vip spawn
  • Fenrock + vip spawn
  • Diremaws
  • Secret Library
  • Demons
  • Asura palace + vip spawn / secret spawn
  • Carnivors + vip spawn
  • Warzones 4,5,6
  • Dark Tortures
  • Ferumbras vip seals
  • Catacombs + vip spawn
  • Prison + vip spawn
  • Summer/Winter elfs + vip spawn

Working the rewards from quest 999 lvl. 

Your destignation is just beginning with new weapons.

 Summer Dream Court       



17.9.2019 -
Special Exiva for power game players with vip time
Author: GM Kimus
The new meaning of the "exiva" spell, every favorite of peaceful hunting will be safe when someone looks for us. when we have VIP time, the adventurer nick will appear.


 Dont forget the summons spell

  • Knight - Skullfrost "utevo gran res eq"  
  • Paladin - Emberwing "utevo gran res sac"  
  • Sorcerer - Thundergiant "utevo gran res ven"  
  • Druid - Grovebeast "utevo gran res dru"  

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

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