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20.5.2020 -
Its time to log in!


Welcome to the Global server Next-stage RL map with vip city built by a team of the best map makers and programmers. We invite you to test the game's plot. Everyone will find their way to the best!                         

Only the best will gain experience quickly 

Others will feel the taste of peaceful aventure on the game 

Prove to others that you are the strength to be reckoned with.

Stay an exceptional player.  

And have fun!


Server informations:

Free entry to bosses
Stamina regeneration in depo
Depo training dummy (+shielding)
Bestiary Charms / Prey
Wiki Next-Stage
Thais Bosses
Autoloot / Autobless System 2.0
Imbuement 2.0
Vip system 2.0
Shop with House items 2.0
Free entry to Falcon / Cobra / Lion Bastions
Tasks at Grizzly Adams 2.0
Mounts for start
Weekend bonus EXP 50%

Exp stages: 1-99lvl - 100x | 200-249lvl - 6x | 300-499 - 2x | 500- 1x

Skill rate: 35x

Magic rate: 25x

Loot: 3x

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

Players Online